Constable and Robinson Digital

  • The aim of this book is to get you writing. It's full of inspiration, tips and writing exercises for anyone who wants to write children's fiction. Included are tips from other published writers, useful links and answers to questions you've always wanted to ask.Includes chapters on:Know-how: the difference between writing for children and writing for adults.How to get ideas for your stories from your family, your work and your life - and how to expand those ideas.Creating believable characters children will love reading about.Writing by the seat of your pants, or plotting? Basic things you need to know for either approach.Writing realistic dialogue.Writing the first draftHow to create 'reel them in' beginnings, sustain the pace in the middle, and write satisfying endings. How to write page-turning chapter endings; keeping continuity when writing series. Writing for the educational market.Writing a synopsis and a proposal.Submitting your work to a publisher or agent.Dealing with rejects and rewrites.Publicity and marketing. Publishing your own work.