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    James Ursula

    Shot through with life-altering rituals, rites and spells, The Source guides readers to the place in their lives where true magic can finally begin Ever since she was a little girl, Ursula James has heard a voice. For years she tried to ignore it, but a personal crisis at the age of forty forced her to finally listen. That, as well as the actual appearance of the speaker-also named Ursula-at her bedside one dark and cold night. The woman who revealed herself to James was Ursula Sontheil, known as Mother Shipton, a sixteenth-century prophetess, healer, and-some say- witch. Legend has it that Mother Shipton was burned by the king's men for her heresies, and her spirit became trapped in a cave in Yorkshire. This cave had an unusual characteristic: Anything taken there was turned to stone by the action of the lime-suffused waters from a nearby well. Mother Shipton used this water to create an image of herself on the wall, and then split the cave open to call the needy. Sick at heart or in body, people came to her in the cave to offer her objects in return for her healing powers.
    In The Source, Ursula James describes how Mother Shipton appeared before her with urgent new prophecies for our troubled times- prophecies that include spells for, as Kabbalah says, Tikkun Olam-the healing of the world. Mother Shipton asked James to put these messages into writing to share with others-and record them she did, verbatim, in this book.

  • Ursula James était une femme frustrée et aigrie, jusqu´à ce qu´elle découvre les préceptes de la légendaire Mère Shipton, la magicienne la plus célèbre de l´histoire de la Grande-Bretagne. À l´aide de bougies, d´un cahier et de rituels poétiques ancrés dans le concret, elle a appris à se défaire des rancoeurs qui pesaient sur sa vie et l´empêchaient d´évoluer, à s´apaiser en se montrant plus à l´écoute d´elle-même, à contrôler son rapport à l´argent, et à donner le meilleur dans sa vie personnelle et professionnelle.

    Dans ce livre, elle nous offre le résultat de cet apprentissage. Des rituels accessibles à tous et associés aux phases de la Lune, dont l´influence précieuse sur notre corps et notre mental ne demande qu´àêtre canalisée. À la Lune Croissante, qui prépare au changement, exprimez par exemple par écrit tous vos griefs contre les autres ; profitez ensuite de l´énergie de la Pleine Lune pour offrir un cadeau qui vous coûte, et enfin tirez parti de la Lune Décroissante pour lâcher prise, et libérez-vous de vos sentiments négatifs en brûlant ce que vous aviez noté.

    Un livre unique en son genre, qui propose une méthode ludique, inédite et pleine de charme pour retrouver un rapport plus naturel, plus sain et plus éveillé aux autres, à la chance, au hasard, et découvrir la source de sa propre magie.

  • The Source threads together two stories. The first that of Ursula Sontheil, sometimes known as Mother Shipton, the 16th-century Yorkshire prophetess and healer who was burnt at the stake but whose spirit survived captive in a cave in North Yorkshire. She would have been trapped for ever but for the cave's extraordinary power: objects left in the cave are turned to stone by the action of the lime-suffused waters from a nearby well. Mother Shipton used the powers of the waters to live again through the needs of those who came to the cave and called on her for healing. Each gift turned to stone by the waters lit another spark of life within her. Through the centuries many came for her help, enough for their needs to free her spirit to leave the cave and live again.

    The second story is that of another Ursula, Ursula James, a modern-day healer of minds. Mother Shipton shaped her childhood and, when she was ready to listen, came to her again when she was an adult and gave her the means to make magic happen. Through Mother Shipton's prophecies and spells, Ursula James transformed her own life and taught her that magic must be shared or it is diminished, so she passes this knowledge on to others. As the magic began to grow it took on a life of its own and spread around the world.

    The Source is a book that comes out of time and is of this time. It is only now, after the world of commerce has been in freefall, that we are ready to listen and respond to Sister Moon and to heal Mother Earth. Each chapter has a ritual, rite or journey, to guide the reader on their path to the source of their own power. Part fable, part spell-book, The Source has true magic woven through it for those who read it well.