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Meet Paul Blick: born in France (but not Paris); son of a car dealer; provincial sociology studentcumtheoretical revolutionary; briefly employed (by his fatherinlaw); married and soon to discover adultery and other satisfactions of a desperate househusband as consort of a highflying wife who conquers the world as CEO of a Jacuzzimanufacturing company. This notsoextraordinary Frenchman is delivered to the notsoextraordinary awareness of having arrived in middle age more a product of his times, his country, and blind chance than a creature of his own free will. JeanPaul Dubois gives us a man whose life reflects the story yes'>#8211; the mind and the heart yes'>#8211; of a society coming belatedly, poignantly, and often hilariously to grips with the abiding pain and intermittent beauty of what living has become.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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